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My Burts Bees lip balm goes everywhere with me!


Sunglasses. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! :)

Lori Smanski

i always make sure i have chapstick or lipstick, my lips are always so dry
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Shayla Sharp

Waterbottle--I'm usually out thrifting or at garage sales.


Sunscreen cream, notebook and pen. I'm a list maker. I love making bags so thanks for a great giveaway.


My sunglasses and a snack!


Cherry scented (and flavorered) lip gloss. It seems right only in the summertime. The rest of the year it feels artificial.


i always carry sanitizer and my walltet


Thanks for a chance to win this awesome book! I look making bags, totes, pouches, etc. I almost always have chapstick with me, and I like to write lists with pen and paper (although everyone keeps telling me I should just put it in my phone). I also regularly like to have a crossword to work in! Happy friday!


Oh me, oh my lets see - tums for sure - phone - lists, lots of lists and coupons, pictures, hand sanitizer, debit card, blood donor card, and of course all of those wonderful cards for money off at grocery stores, etc......

I love this book and am looking on Amazon at her other book!!!

Thank you

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I absolutely have to have my chapstick since otherwise I up chewing my lip to bits.


My intention is always to have a bottle of water, but I normally fail. So, I can say I always have a small pad and pencil for when/if inspiration strikes!

Anne Marie

Water and a snack

Karrie Smith

A coke :)


I keep a knitting or crochet project in my bag in case I have a few minutes of down-time someplace


Some chewing gum and sunglasses!


I've got lipbalm and sunscreen in my bag at all times. And a boook on where all the factory stores are in my city ;)

Thank you for a great prize and the chance to win it.

Carla G

I must have chapstick and sunglasses in my bag! Thanks for a chance to win! :)


I must also have my Visa card for any "surprise" fabric shopping that happens- and my sunglasses too. Thanks for participating in the Giveaway Day.


The most current book I am reading.


Oh, my. Am I too late to enter? Hope not! I have to have lip gloss in my bag. And lately I've been working on some hexagons, so I'd definitely pack up those too. Cheers, Victoria!

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