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I share your love for ricrac. Is there anything happier?


I am a new Grandma myself! I have not bought anything off Etsy (yet), but I have window shopped!


This is beautiful! I shop on Etsy quite a bit. My most recent purchase, I believe, was a new t-shirt!

Jane Poh

I have bought felt and jewelry from Etsy.


I bought some buttons on etsy.com I like to look for crochet and sewing patterns on etsy, too.


Then you will really like tonight's giveaway! It involves wool felt and perle cotton. Thanks for entering the giveaway! - V.

Christie S.

Love, love, love your fabric choices.


Isn't being a granny the best gig ever?! -V.


I've never bought anything from esty but plan to give it a try sometime soon.

Anne - Tesla's Mom

HI! Thanks so much! I have bought fabric on etsy and I have been wanting to buy a painting from some the the amazing artists.

Em Komiskey

I actually buy a lot of fabric on Etsy. But I've also purchased unique jewelry to use as gifts and wooden children's toys.


I buy supplies on etsy all the time. I rarely buy anything but supplies, but that's mostly because I have my own etsy shop! :)


Great giveaway!

I purchase lots on Etsy! Mostly fabrics but lots of jewelry too! =)

Karen Weight

Fabulous giveaway! I have bought lots of stuff on Etsy-
Jewelry findings, body lotion, fabric, etc. It's a great place for handmade stuff!


Have I ever bought anything on etsy? HA! Most recently though, I got the cutest t-shirt--I think from brainstorm studios, if I'm remembering right.


my etsy purchases have been limited to fabric and handmade buttons


Most of the time I buy fabric on etsy.


Thanks for the generous giveaway!
I have been to etsy shop before but never purchased anything...

Carol Bowen

I love this giveaway!! I have never bought anything on etsy -- although there are many things on my wish list.


Great giveaway - thanks! Bringing a bit of sunshine to London.


I have bought some fabulous paper products and buttons on etsy.


I've never bought anything on ETSY but have looked alot


Sadly I have bought over 500 items on Etsy lol... and they are varied... but I love your pouches so go for it :)


Love the pillow!

Mostly what I buy from etsy is jewelry. I make my own, but I love other people's as well!


Yummy giveaway! Never bought anything from Etsy for two reasons. 1) no money for goodies and 2) I usually look at things and say, "I can make that!" (but I never do...)

ppod1too at gmail dot com

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