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I think Lulu is a perfect name for an owl!


I think his name should be Herman.

Nicole C

When I was younger I named everything Bob, so I'm partial to it. But if Bob isn't quite your cup of tea, I'd pick Ollie next :)


He looks like a Harry to me. :)


I think she should be Olivia the owl!

Kathy H

Hoot seems like too obvious a name for an owl so I think I would come up with Sam (from an old book that I had as a child , Sam and the Firefly).

Sherri  S.

Hortensia or Horace. So cute!


how about hoodini :)


I was going to suggest Horace, but see that someone else did already. Perhaps Cornelius?


I think Hooter is the perfect name for that Owl

Patty D

Cute Owl. I would suggest Wise.


Midnight Blue. I love this - blue and orange are my favorite vintage combo of colors right now. I love this tute: http://freshlypieced.blogspot.com/2011/05/tea-caddy.html Thank you for a great giveaway! izazbz at yahoo dot com


Hoot :)


Henry! Cute cute cute


Hi, just wanted to say great prize. I would call him 'Freckles' because of his speckled chest. I love the little sunshine badge, its been raining here for 5 days now and I could do with a little sunshine :)


I like the name Melvin; it sounds like an owl to me.:)


How about Ophelia the Owl? Could your owl be a girl?

Kelly P

Hmm, granddaughters are picking... Justin Bieber the Owl? Just kidding. I'll go with Doctor Hoo.


I would name him Mortimer - it sounds like a wise owl!

trisha too

Let's go with something classic--Bubo!

trishatoo at hotmail dot com


Henrietta comes to mind. Thanks for the chance to win! Lovely!


I think that I would choose the name Odell, for the alliteration aspect.

Maman A Droit

Howie the Hoot Owl!

Julia Gabriel

Hmm a name for a cute owl? hoo-ligan?


I love the owl. How about Olivia as a name for an owl.

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