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I won't guess because I know.... and he looks so proud in that picture and should be! Em and Kathy look great in their picture too. I sent him some preschool pics so he could be reminded how of his accomplishments...from preschool (toddling around in those blond curls) to doctorate!! Congratulations to all of you.


A quick shout-out to my buddy Ben, pictured to the left in the first photo, as he also graduated with his MA in the same discipline on Friday.


Oh I will take a guess...communications?

The Scooper

Yay, I'm not too late! I could cheat and call Matt and Emily but that would be, well, cheating. So I'm going to guess based on vague past references...Environmental Science something or other? Geology maybe?

Whatever his field, he must be relieved and you must be proud. Congratulations!!!


Oh I love that thing! How beautiful and since I don't know you really.....except thru Scooper I'm going to guess comunications.....


Hi, guys! The answer to name that Phd is GEOGRAPHY.
Andrew could explain this better but he has a model for predicting landslides via satellite imagery. Seems you have to go to Costa Rico for the research. Kudos to Kathy for scribing in the tropics! I will randomly pull a name and contact winner this week.

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