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I need to ave sunscreen in my summer bag and a book usually :) never know when an opportunity will present itself!

Dana @ Water Penny

I love her other book too! I agree - I can't follow a pattern so her first book is a dream - I keep Sunscreen as well, and always hand lotion.



I'm a newbie linked over from the SMS giveaway. I always need to have tissues in my bag, I'm always spilling things on myself or people, or sporting a runny nose.

Handmade Giveaway: http://mel-allwrappedup.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/handmade-giveaway-jewellery-organiser.html

Craft Supplies Giveaway:http://mel-allwrappedup.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/craft-supply-giveaway-jewellery.html


Love Lisa Lam and would love to own this book!

In my summer bag I have to have chapstick!

Jan B.

Gotta have my Kindle Fire!


I have the Bag Making Bible and would love to have the sequel! In my purse I have to have my sunglasses. I hate to drive without them unless it's dark:)


I like small purses, since I tend to carry too many things if the purse is larger...But I MUST have chapstick with me at all times!


My summer lip stain color goes with me everywhere: Tarte's "Lust!"


I have to have a little snack in case I come over all wobbly! I love Lisa Lam's patterns.


it is usually my knitting

Stitched Together

I have to have heat pads and pain killers in my bag.

Jennie P.

I must have a pen and paper :)

Stephanie Granite

I always have to have a book (or my nook) in my purse during the summer! I love summer reading!!!!


I usually have a notebook for jotting things down and reminding me what to do!


Hello, I checked - lip gloss, cash/credit card and a pen. Thanks for the chance to win. Linda

Kristi F

This summer, since I'm due with #2 in August, it's Tums and Preggie Pops!


Chapstick is a must.


Diapers, sippy cup, water, the kitchen sink, etc... This is a great one to give away, thanks so much!


In my summer bag I would keep the electrical flex for my iphone, together with pen and little notebook, where I write down everything I want to remember (like absolutely necessary things, for example the name of a new fabric line!). Thanks for the giveaway!


I've always got a small retractable tape measure, you never know when you might need it


Inside my bag is always a sippy cup, granola bar and wipes :) Thanks for the chance to win!!


a small purse, an apple and a small note book

Desiree @ Wee Share

I must have snacks for my daughter. If not, we will undoubtedly have to stop and get one while we're out :)



I must have a granola bar and my lipgloss!

Cara @ {Pink Stitches}

Sunglasses and a notebook!

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